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Wealth Management

Our methodical wealth management process can be implemented for clients with various life plans. This long-term approach seeks to reflect life’s ups and downs and are catered toward your priorities and specific life circumstances.

Each wealth management strategy is personalized and individual to you. Some clients prefer a simplistic approach to evaluating their goals and planning for the future, while others prefer a more detailed approach to mapping out their financial future. Together, we create a unique and engaging experience that empowers you to take a more active role in the management of your wealth. Our wealth management planning strategies include aspects such as retirement income, estate planning, insurance, disability, and more.

Retirement Planning

A secure and comfortable retirement is everyone’s dream. We’re living longer, healthier lives, which means that our retirement years are likely to be longer than those of our parents and grandparents. Planning for retirement today can help you live a financial independent lifestyle.

We believe retirement planning is highly individual. Where you want to live, your lifestyle, and many other personal variables will shape a plan uniquely suited to you. Do you want to travel? Move to the waterfront? Provide for your successors? Donate to charity? We take the time to truly know you and understand the whole picture before making recommendations.

Over the course of time, your priorities, expenses, and needs may change. We understand this and remain responsive to your shifting life circumstances by adapting your plan in ways that stay focused on your long-term retirement goals.

Tax Strategies

Looking for ways to help reduce your current and future tax burden? We can help.

We help individuals discover tax advantages they may never have heard of and in the process, we can help reduce their income tax. For many of our clients, this translates to saving millions of dollars, all with just a few tweaks in their plan.

We believe in being our clients’ tax partner for life and are with them through all of life’s changes. Many of our clients become close friends and we not only help them, but we help their children and even their grandchildren. Our strategies transcend generations and put more money back into the pockets of our clients.

Our tax-saving strategies include:

Defined Benefit Plans
Converting taxable income into tax-free income
Tax and estate planning

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Legacy Building

Proper estate planning and legacy planning are crucial components to efficiently protect and pass along your assets to your children and grandchildren. We want to make sure the goals you have for your assets, whether they are to donate to a charitable organization or pay for your future family members’ educations, are within reach. You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, now let’s work hard to make it last.

We can assist with:

Estate planning
Business succession planning
Insurance planning
Charitable giving

Legacy planning gives your estate plan a sense of purpose. Contact us today to get started.